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why xe server suck 10 Reason

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why xe server suck 10 Reason  Empty why xe server suck 10 Reason

Post by Admin Fri Aug 05, 2016 5:12 pm

hello friend if you played vcmp i think you know about XE server i tell you why this server suck and totally unfair with proof

1.Staff support friends
2.RACISM comments allowed there
3.xe server owner ULK,Aki is hacker
4.Drake 2nd useless and hacker 2 he work on right now xe script wtf Shocked
5.TZ Nadeem have forum rights wtf he's noob from pakistan
6.[ss]krystianoo make topics in all vcmp forum wk clan or on clan [russian team] use hacks and what krystianoo do never banned or decide ban first those on XE server WTF
7.Staff only support and save those friend or clan mated
8.Script Sucks nothing all feature from EC server many bugs
10.only those clan mated and friend will be part of staff pirat i will post some more proof in comeing days Evil or Very Mad

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