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Top 10 Cocktails for Men

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Top 10 Cocktails for Men Empty Top 10 Cocktails for Men

Post by Admin Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:30 pm

When you have 9 million subscribers, it means that you are broadcasting to a very diverse group of people with diverse tastes. So a different % of the audience likes different videos and most people by and large, welcome the diversity. We understand that most people, if they're not into the topic of a video just wont watch and that a small minority think that we've ran out of ideas or the idea is useless, simply because they personally don't like the video.
There's 7 billion people in the world, YouTube is a billion things to a billion different people. We like variety and diversity, we have a broad range of interests. We do what we like, we do ideas that our audience suggests that we might be interested in doing.
The bottom line is, there ARE people in our audience that will find this video interesting, and because it doesn't cater directly to you specific tastes doesn't mean it's a useless video, it just means the world doesn't revolve around you, that's all. But maybe just give the video a go anyway, you might like it!

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