Tommy Vercetti after VC 1988

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Tommy Vercetti after VC 1988  Empty Tommy Vercetti after VC 1988

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 21, 2016 11:25 am

What do you think would've happened to Tommy Vercetti or his business by the later part of the 80's or the 90's? I know he's still around by 1992 considering the opening to GTA SA and Ken having a conversation with him. But afterwards from 1993-2015 what do you think happened to his business after Crack cocaine was introduced and meth and pcp found its way into gangs and got them richer dan a bitch? I think he would've faced a lot of competition starting in 1988 when crack was becoming the biggest thing in the U.S in Liberty City and Los Santos because it's cheaper and provides a far greater and quicker high than pure cocaine. I think Tommy would have to change his business ventures to crack or face the rise of new crime families in Vice City from Haitians, Cubans, Mexicans, African American gangs, and low grade mobsters from up north.

And then meth dealers who mostly rednecks would quickly be lining up to compete with vercetti for a drug that's far more dangerous and provides a far more intense high than crack. Though they wouldn't be rolling mansions, maybe penthouses or they'd stay in their trailers. But I think Vercetti after Vice City between 1988-2015 would've faced so much competition that he'd either have to change his business ventures or get wrecked by the other gangs and families to the point he ain't top dog anymore. And in resurgence of families I think Pete Vance would've brought the Vance family back and started a war with Vercetti and that would've crippled Vercetti heavily if Pete has the know how that his older brothers did. What do you think?

You think Vercetti would've survived in VC between 1988-2015? I know considered that he's around in 1992 and put 1993 into the equation but I waned to focus on if he would've faced competition starting in 1988 onwards to 2015. So.....What do you think?

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