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Post by Admin on Wed Jul 20, 2016 5:37 pm

Posting header presentation can help others help you. Everyone has time constraints these days so using helpful Subject formats might well solicit quicker responses.

Since specific countries on this web site are sectioned off into world regions, I suggest the lead word be a country.

The next word/s should be either a place name or a country specific item.

Lastly, the brief nature of the inquiry.

For example:
VietNam: Visa requirements

Thailand: Phuket: Recommended hotels

Packing: How do you squeeze everything in?

Opinion: What is your favourite country?

Trying to use the right forum also helps. I see that many initial posts posts get misplaced which (1) Reduces the chance getting an answer or slows responses; (2) Increases the workload of moderators.

If you have a question about Kapuskasing, Ontario put it in North America - not Travel Chat.

Personally, I visit fora (plural of forums) instead of playing games whilst I have idle moments during travel or work. I scan specific 'rooms' and read questions where the Subject suggests I might be able to give useful input.

After that I might, time permitting, revisit rooms and look at Subjects that have a slight hint of what they seek. Then, finally, I look at all the zero reply items.

The rules specify certain typing rules (no caps, no weird stuff) but I would add spelling to the best of your ability helps, too. As someone who has been on presentation training I can confirm a spelling mistake can distract from the message content. Notwithstanding texting and Twit message protocols, presentation also helps readability in chat rooms.

Personally, my answers are crafted with three audiences in mind: (a) The inquirer; (b) The casual browser and (3) Search engines. The latter depend on correct spelling to properly deliver the widest selection of links.

Thanks for your time. Do you have any thoughts?

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